• Condos in downtown Spokane. Cheap compared to San Jose, not really cheap though.

  • I want to go to outer space.

  • Installed BDB 4.5 utilities on a couple hundred machines. yay psh+pfor.

    • I still want to try PCP sometime though.
  • 2 wins out of 5 games in foosball. (bad day).

  • comcast is not comcastic.

  • 100mbit ethernet is too slow inside a data center. GigE is cheap. Get it.

  • the internet is not fast enough. transfering data from boston to oakland is too slow.

  • found some old code that isn't endian safe. ack. Geoff is still on a PPC mac, and ran into some problems....

  • wrote a tool to count users and their subscriptions, and then graph the distribution of subs counts.

  • Tested BDB 4.5 with large existing databases. Seems to work great so far. Yay.


  • 0 work meetings.

  • 7 work emails sent.

  • 4 work svn commits.

  • 0 non-work emails sent.

  • 0 non-work svn commits.