• MySQL HTTP Engine: Crazy Crazy Crazy.

    • But, this is an indication to me, that you really shouldn't be writing SQL. SQL has its places, but I'm starting to believe that place is not the web application.
  • Lunch: Left at Albuquerque. Margarita=Yum. Not as good as El Buro last night, but still good.

    • "Marigage isn't forever, its just until its done."
  • Going to use libevent for an HTTP Client and Server. Its definitely missing features, but shouldn't be too hard to get it where we want it.

  • Dinner: Outback. Steak. Yum.

    • Discussed Eve Online. And Housing.
    • My new plan is to get 5 million dollars, and a Pony.
      • 5 Million for the House, to have a place to put the $1000 Pony.
  • Need to get up at oh-shirt-early in the morning tomorrow, to go Salmon Fishing. Woooo.


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