• Upgraded our trunk with libevent 1.3b.

  • Sent a patch in for libevent, to set the event_base context for the evhttp server and client APIs.

  • Figuring out how to structure a shared context for both an HTTP server and HTTP client for our next generation network protocols.

  • I like HTTP. I wish I could use it for more stuff.

  • 1 for 2 in foosball.

  • ApacheCon EU is next week, and I'm not gonna be there. I should be at ApacheCon US in Atlanta this Fall however.

  • Gotta drive up to Oakland tomorrow morning. Bleh.


  • 2 work meetings.

  • 3 work emails sent.

  • 8 work svn commits.

  • 4 non-work emails sent.

  • 0 non-work svn commits.